60 Second Skin Secrets: Why Use Sunscreen Everyday?

It seems that regardless of the time of day, or the direction that I am driving, the sun is shining brightly onto the left side of my face. To protect my skin, I’ve considered (although very briefly) using a mask, but the idea seemed unwise. Frightening small children or even other adults especially during this era of “creepy clown” sightings doesn’t seem like a good idea.

So this leaves sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen. Even in the Fall and Winter? The answer: Absolutely!!! The harmful UV rays that encourage aging in our skin, UV-A, as well as the burning rays of UV-B penetrate cloud cover, glass, fog and smog, so take cover! Use a good broad based sunscreen to protect yourself from the unwanted effects of the sun. Skin365 carries a variety of sunscreens so you can choose the one that works best for your skin and lifestyle.

Still need to be convinced? Take a look at this photo from the New England Journal of Medicine, April 19, 2012. This gentleman was a truck driver for 28 years and the left side of his face was chronically exposed to UV-A rays, which we know destroy elastin fibers in the skin. He did not wear sunscreen.


25 years of chronic exposure to UVA. Note loss of elasticity on the left side of his face.

Our faces are not alone in their exposure to UV rays.  Our arms (really our left arm) and the back of our hands are chronically exposed to the sun as well while we are on the road. Consider wearing a driving jacket to prevent from developing spotted, wrinkled hands and arms.  Stores such as Lululemon and Skin Precautions sell pullovers and zip-up jackets made with SPF fabric.  Get the ones with longer sleeves that have thumb hole openings so you can protect the back of your hands while driving.  I keep my jacket in my car and wear only while on the road.  I prefer the zip-up style as opposed to the pullover shirt–easier for me to put on and remove.  Plus, my jacket has a hood so I can use the extra fabric to protect my neck.  (No turkey necks here!)

So, help keep your skin soft, smooth and supple while you are out and about by wearing a good broad based sunscreen on your face and a driving jacket for your hands/arms every day.  In addition, add skin saving topical Vitamin A to your skincare routine twice a day. The importance of Vitamin A will be in a 60 Second Skin Secret for another day.