Before you decide on a treatment, we can give you a full and comprehensive consultation. Our Specialist’s will design a specific skin care regime for your particular needs. To make an appointment for a consultation please call for an appointment 310-316-3365.
We have top specialist who will only recommend what is best for your skin. If there is something we cannot help you with we will refer you to something that will better suit you.
As each individual treatment is unique, each procedure has a different effective period. Some treatments are effective immediately, while others may take time for you to see the results. The effects will be explained during the consultation.
Aesthetic treatments are no longer exclusive and expensive, but are now widely available and affordable.
Aesthetic means ‘pertaining to a beautiful appearance’. All our treatments are designed to improve or enhance your appearance by combining modern scientific treatments and top of the line beauty products with expert opinions.
Generally no, there is little or no downtime. However, for some of the problematic conditions some time-off may be required.
One of the main advantages of non-surgical treatment is that there is very little discomfort involved with the process. Our technique is designed to minimize any possible discomfort. Local or topical anesthetic will be provided for any treatments that may be painful.
In general terms people who suffer from severe health problems and poorly controlled diabetics are not suitable. However, an extensive consultation with one of our Specialists will help to determine who is unsuitable.
We aim for great customer satisfaction and all procedures are regularly monitored to ensure complete satisfaction.
Each patient is different, and it depends on the type of procedure undertaken. What you can expect will be explained in the pre-treatment consultation.
Problems associated with non-surgical cosmetic treatments tend to be relatively minor and temporary. However, as each treatment is different the risks will be explained in great depth during your consultation.
Overall, skincare treatments are successful and will meet your expectations. However, occasionally complications can arise either during the treatment or in post care.
As our team of specialists individually develops each of our program, following the advice provided will guarantee you the optimum outcome.
CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing has become the gold standard in skin rejuvenation. According to recent studies presented at the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery at the University of California Irvine, the CO2 laser produces 30% more collagen than the Erbium (eg. Fraxel Re:store) Laser, resulting in an absolute better result. The term “fractional” refers to the fact that only a fraction of the skin is treated by producing columns of heat, and leaving the surrounding dermal tissue intact which assists with quick healing after the procedure. The biggest concern from the ‘old days’ of full CO2 laser treatment is hypopigmentation or a “white circle” of skin around the mouth… leaving the surrounding tissue intact around the “dots” treated prevents the “white circle” and “mannequin” appearance.

DOT Therapy is an ablative treatment and downtime for healing is approximately 6-10 days.

  • Day 1-3 consists of swelling and possible pin-point bleeding. You will enjoy hanging out at home reading a book or watching a movie while altering the application of ice, aquaphor, Environ ACE Oil, Environ Hydrating Capsules and vinegar soaks.
  • Day 4-6 it’s likely the swelling has subsided and you can switch from aquaphor to Hydrate Luxe for added moisture.
  • By Day 6 many of our clients are able to apply EltaMD SPF, Two Tone Umbrella tinted SPF or SkinCeuticals Physical Sun Block.