Botox Before and After: Worth the cost?

Botox Before and After: Worth the cost? –  The Pros and Cons of Botox Cost vs Botox Benefits

First allow us to clarify: When we use the word ‘Botox’ we are referring to the use of all ‘Botox similar’ products available: Dysport and Xeomin and soon Evosyal (The FDA this past January has giving the go-ahead for a phase III clinical study of EVOSYAL™ for the treatment of glabellar lines.   All of these Botox options should be discussed with you, at the office of your choice, during your initial consultation.

The PROS of Botox

Botox is a purified neurotoxin when used properly has a very high safety rating.  The appearance of your skin, where a bothersome wrinkle appears, will smooth out after the use of Botox.  At Skin 365 we assess your need and the dose of Botox recommended by the pharmaceutical guidelines.  After we decide what Botox dose you need and the cost we will give you the option of using less than what is recommended.  Why?

1. You might respond to a lower dose.  How do we know until we try? More can always be added 10 days after.  Baby steps.

2. The ‘frozen look’ is not preferred by most patients and a lower dose may be the perfect amount for your desired look.

3.  Our saying at Skin 365 is “choose the Botox dose for the look you want, not the longevity”.

We want you to be happy after your treatment and not forty-five days later when the frozen feeling lightens up a little.  The use of a lower dose may effect the longevity but that’s an easy fix, you just come and see us every few months instead of every couple of months.

The CONS of Botox

Hmmmmmm… this one will take some Google research because I can’t really think of many… most of the CONS regarding Botox are potential side effects and bad outcomes related to poor Botox provider experience.  The side effects will be discussed with you during the consultation and consent phase of your treatment.   It appears the CONS of Botox such as brow droop, frozen forehead, ‘wicked’ brows, etc are more related to the practitioner’s skill level and experience.  Choosing your Botox provider is of utmost importance! Do not be afraid to ask these questions.

  1. Do they have medical expertise in facial anatomy?
  2. Are they certified to inject Botox in the state they are practicing?
  3. How many years of experience do they have injecting BOTOX?
  4. How often do they treat patients with BOTOX?
  5. Do they schedule a follow-up visit after treatment?
  6. Will they show you before-and-after pictures of other patients they have treated?
  7. What are the most common side effects they have seen in their clinical experience?
  8. What should you do if you experience any side effects?
  9. What do they need to know about your medical history? Be prepared to tell your provider about any medical conditions, including any prescription medications, vitamins, or herbal supplements you are taking.

Is Botox Worth the COST?

This is best answered after you have given Botox a chance. The cost for one area (eg. the 11’s between the furrow of your eyebrows) is approximately $225-240 dollars. We suggest having three treatments over a one year period.  At the end of one year, you will see the benefits of what Botox can provide for you.  Most patients will continue to be consistent with their treatments, some will only have it once a year on their Birthday or before a reunion and few will decide Botox just isn’t for them.

Give Botox a try and if you don’t like it, guess what… Botox wears off in a few months and you simply return to your pre-Botox appearance.  It’s like your Mom always said, “try it, if you don’t like it, don’t do it again.” It’s that easy.

Good luck! and let us know on Instagram how your first Botox experience went by tagging us @Skin365MD or you can find us on Facebook.

Don’t Worry, Get Botox!