Botox Points Program Made Easy At Check Out

Everyone loves FREE money from the “Botox Points Program” aka the Brilliant Distinctions Program.  At Skin365 we have made it easier to access your points with the touch of a finger tip on the Skin365 iPad’s located at every check out station (see photo).

The Brilliant Distinction Program (BDP)  is an Allergan instant savings program. Allergan allows Skin365 to issue points to your BDP Account when you buy Latisse, or have a treatment of Kybella, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Voluma or Botox.  These points convert to SAVINGS that is applied instantly towards your next service.
Points awarded equal a cash value instantly applied towards an Allergan treatment with us. 100 points = $10, so if you have saved 600 points you could redeem $60 to be applied towards your next Allergan product service or product purchase.  Most importantly, remember points expire nine months after issued.
Botox Cosmetic Points awarded if 3 months have passed since you last received points for BOTOX® Cosmetic
1 Botox® Cosmetic Treatment = 200 points

Points awarded per JUVÉDERM® XC treatment 1 syringe   = 200 points / 2 syringes = 400 points

Points awarded per JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® treatment 1 syringe = 200 points, up to four syringes allowed per treatment

Points awarded per KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid) injection 10 mg/mL treatment = 400 points

Points are awarded for each 5ml Latisse kit purchased = 150 points

An added feature to the Brilliant Distinctions Program is a Brilliant Distinctions Online Retailer Mall

Yes! you can shop online and earn points towards your next Botox treatment at Skin365.  It’s simple. Log on your Brilliant Distinctions Program account, click on the online mall, shop for clothes, electronics and home decor.  All purchases made from online retailers through the Brilliant Distinctions Mall will be instantly turned into points and funded to your BDP account.  That’s definitely a FUN way to shop!

Also, Allergan gives EXTRA SAVINGS to the TOP 50 Allergan Accounts in the USA.  Skin365 is ranked in the Top 50 Botox & Filler Offices in the US!
Thanks to our committed Skin365 clients and our highly skilled and honest injectors under the watchful eye of James D. Wethe MD.