Cheers to Polyphenols!

Red is best. My grandmother has always told me that red is good luck and her best color. That is why to this day, I wear a vibrant red on my nails because I believe in the luck. Grandma might have said that red is best, but research also shows that red is a powerful color. Not to mention, this color can also be good for your skin if you drink it. Yes, I am speaking of red wine; but maybe not for grandma.

While red wine is proven to have ingredients beneficial for your skin such as polyphenols, it is also considered an alcohol. So bottom line, if you are going to drink a glass of something, might as well reap the benefits from red wine. However, I suggest not to reap the benefits too much if you are keeping your skin in mind. Have some wine, but not too much because let’s remember that alcohol dehydrates your skin, so be sure to follow up with water.

Polyphenols are a category of chemicals that naturally occur in plants. Within this group is resveratrol which is thought to carry the benefits for your skin and found in grape seeds. Resveratrol is believed to protect against free radicals and wrinkles as it is seen as an anti-aging agent. It stimulates proteins like sirtuin in cells, activating the mitochondria to extend the cell’s life and fight against disease. Not only can it aid your skin in fighting fine lines, but it also has multiple other health benefits that can improve your health.

The good news is that resveratrol isn’t just in wine but also present in skincare products like Resveratrol B E by SkinCeuticals. This is a night serum that is potent in rich antioxidants and helps diminish signs of aging as it leaves your face more radiant and firm. Luckily, Skin365 is a carrier of this product f0r $152. You can pick it up at our location or it can be shipped at your convenience. So next time you are in the wine store, think about those polyphenols and get the biggest bang for your buck by choosing red. “Both red and white wines are made from red grapes. Only, white wine is made by squeezing just the juices out of the grapes, while red wine is made by crushing everything — skins and seeds, included. And since polyphenols exists in grape seeds, they’re only present in red wine”. (“Is Red Wine Actually Good for Your Skin?“)

So my grandmother was right all along, red is best, especially when it comes to wine. Let’s have a toast to our skin and fighting free radicals!