CO2 Fraxel – Fractional Laser

Skin365_FractionalCO2 Fractional is an ablative treatment and downtime for healing is approximately 6-10 days. CO2 penetrates up to 32% of your skin with columns of laser injury. This stimulates new collagen to grow and the skin tightening up significantly.
Prepping the skin 4-6 weeks prior to treatment and a pre-procedure appointment is necessary.

Outcome: Day 1-3 consists of swelling and possible pin-point bleeding. You will enjoy hanging out at home reading a book or watching a movie while altering the application of ice, aquaphor, Growth Factor and vinegar soaks. Day 4-6 it’s likely the swelling has subsided and you feel more normal. By Day 6 many of our clients are able to apply Oxygenetix post procedure foundation: a breathable formula that promotes healing and provides complete coverage.

Best For: Wrinkles, acne scars, skin laxity/texture, sun damage, brown spots, and fine lines.