Don’t Neglect your Lips, Here’s Why

Everybody knows that February is the month of love. Along with hearts and chocolates, lips have also become one of Valentine’s Day prominent symbols. Lips are so much more than a small part of our body to beautify and put lipstick on, their importance and history goes beyond what we expected and that it why it is essential to take care of them, and Skin365 can help.

Language of Lips

From an early point of life, we start to learn language skills and how to articulate certain sounds. Sounds that start with m, p, b and w couldn’t be made without our top and bottom lips coming together to produce this bilabial articulation. Imagine the thousands of words we wouldn’t be able to pronounce if it were not for our lips. Also, can you imagine a world without kissing?

Pucker Up

In case you are thinking this Valentine’s Day where kissing came from, I can tell you that it is not innate. It actually occurs in 90% of cultures in the world and has evolved from primates feeding by mouth to mouth. According to the Scientific American Mind, this way of feeding is thought to have classically conditioned primates to experience pleasure when touching lip to lip. As time has continued, this feeling of pleasure has resulted in the ways of kissing and affection we know today. And there you have it, it is thought to have derived from the pleasure of food. I am not surprised, who isn’t content while eating?

I Choose You

Having those lips in top condition can mean a whole lot more than just a kiss. In a study, it suggests that kissing can be a determining factor for selecting a potential partner. When you kiss someone, you are exchanging scent and get a sense of their personal hygiene; so you are not really searching for just that spark. It’s important to keep those lips smooth, plump, and hydrated because you really could find the one.

The Perfect Pout

Research has stated that the bigger the lip, the more sensual appeal you have as a woman. Although there is such as a thing as too much, the perfect pout can play a key role in sexual attraction. However, as you age, lips tend to get thinner and lose their fullness due to lack of collagen production and UV light. In that case, be sure to protect your lips with a SPF or lipstick that will block.

Ok so now you have heard why lips are so important. Let’s not neglect the wonders behind our lips, but help keep them lively and plump. At Skin365, we inject love into your lips to maintain the natural plump and hydrated look when our lips lose the ability to produce as much collagen. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is a soft gel that creates the ideal pout that gives instant and effective results; it is fast and easy without the worry of being under the knife. Perfect for this upcoming Valentine’s Day as this month is all about lip locking.