Environ Vitamin Infusion Facial

Skin365_SeaweedTreatment : Cleansing massage, steam, prep and extractions. Cream Acid Mask is applied.   Advanced Vitamin Gel containing Vitamin A, C, E, Beta-Carotene, Antioxidants and Peptids cocktailed with a Colostrum growth factor & lavender applied to the skin and covered with an Alginate (seaweed) Mask. The mask is whipped up like frosting and painted on your face.  After a few minutes the mask solidifies and helps push the advanced vitamins into your skin while cooling (as it absorbs heat) and soothing as it restores hydration to your skin.
Outcome:  Glowing, hydrated, lovely looking skin.  Minor dryness around nose and corners of mouth can occur 1-2 days.
Best For: Cellular healthy skin that helps you shine from within. Recommend continuing Environ products at home and scheduling an Environ Facial every 30-45 days.