Sonophoresis + DF machine

The Environ Ionzyme® DF Machine is a truly impressive facial tool that delivers outstanding results! The DF Machine is designed to be used during a facial treatment to intensify the effectiveness of the Environ® products. It offers a combination of pulsed iontophoresis and low frequency sonophoresis to give you long-lasting results not offered by any other facial machine! The DF Machine can help combat dry skin, large pores, fine lines, acne scars, and so much more.

The use of The DF Machine is critical for reaching the deeper layers of skin, and helps break through the skin’s natural waterproof barrier, therefore allowing the product to penetrate deeper, creating even greater results! This treatment is designed to stimulate the thickening of the skin cells and improve the production of skin elasticity and collagen.

Enjoy up to 4000% increased product penetration with the help of the Environ DF Machine! To learn more about the DF Machine and Sonophoresis, contact one of our flawless skin care experts today!

Get the full effect of your Environ® products!

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