I’m Not Ready for Surgery! What Are My Options?

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You may not be old enough to remember an ad from years ago that stated that if you could, “Pinch more than an inch” at your waist, then you needed to eat their supposedly low fat cereal and lose weight.  How is this related to Skin365?  Well, if you can pinch more than half an inch of skin in front of your ear, then perhaps it’s time to think about a mini facelift.  And if you are not in this category, then there are many options available today that will help keep your skin healthy, youthful and beautiful.

    1. Microneedling – scary name, fantastic collagen builder with little or no down time (you may experience redness and a little dry skin for a day or two).  The procedure stimulates collagen production and is excellent for fine lines, mild laxity, pigment issues
    2. Injectables like Botox, Dysport and Fillers – can help slow down the passage of time for your skin. Botox and Dysport relax the muscle contractions that, over time, cause lines and wrinkles.  Fillers add the volume that is naturally lost as time passes.
    3. Skin care – regular treatments to thoroughly cleanse, gently exfoliate and rejuvenate skin turnover with skin peels are important to maintain youthful skin.
    4. Vitamize your skin– with Vitamins A, C, E and peptides twice a day.  Even with a balanced diet, your skin is the last organ to extract the nutrients needed to maintain balanced skin health so is most likely lacking in optimal vitamin levels. Applying topical vitamins twice a day will boost your skin to health as Vitamin A is an essential building block for collagen. Environ, a skin care line available at Skin365, provides Vitamin A creams that are gentle but mighty and will give you many times the benefits of Vitamin A as compared to other formulations.

If you cannot pinch more than a half an inch, and you are not ready for surgery, rest assured, there are many options available to you to help slow down the passage of time.  New beautiful, youthful skin is available to you with a little help from the expert staff at Skin365!

Author: Dr. Okajeanetteoka