Juvederm vs Resytlane: Helping You Decide

Juvederm vs Resytlane: Which dermal filler is right for you?

Lip augmentation with dermal fillers will add hydration to your lips with a natural, smooth, and well hydrated look.  At Skin 365 we promise you will never look over done. We are not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of place.  No two patients are the same.

Prior to starting your treatment we will take the time to lift your lip into different positions and ask for your input regarding the look you find most desirable. Lips fuller on top and a pout in the lower center? Bottom lip fuller than upper lip? Maybe you like the shape of your lips and simply want to re-hydrate them? Almost anything is possible as long as your lips will anatomically allow the new look.

At Skin 365 we will take the time to discuss the subtle differences of Juvederm vs Restylane, or Belotero, Resytlane Silk and other dermal fillers available on the market.  Juvederm Ultra XC is soft, natural and gently hydrating – it’s perfect for a natural, conservative lip.

Often times patients will say “My lips used to be fuller but recently I notice they are looking like a prune and I’ve lost the corners of my mouth.  What can I do?” The answer is Juvederm Ultra Plus which will redefine the outside border of the lip that has disappeared into the corners of the mouth.  In addition, Juvederm Ultra Plus will provide hydrated volume to erase the ‘prune’ appearance.

Restylane, a little firmer than Juvederm, is the product of choice if you are wanting more definition on the border of your lip or a well-defined ‘Paris pout’.  At Skin 365 we take all precautions to deliver gorgeous lips without ‘trout pout’ or ‘duck lips’.  We consider it a compliment when no one notices your filler and simply says you ‘look great’!

At Skin 365 we offer the incredibly popular needle-free injection technique using a micro-cannula, we prefer to call it a stylet because cannula sounds so invasive and this new technique of injecting filler in the lips without a needle is not invasive or painful.  It’s magic and quickly becoming the preferred method over a needle.  Fillers in Paris are primarily injected with this technique for the past five years.  We have been using this technique for a year and a half.  Occasionally though clients prefer to still use the tiny, micro-fine needle and that’s ok too.  We will make every effort to numb you, chill you with ice, and make sure you are cozy on our ultra comfortable memory foam treatment table before we inject.

All of our practitioners at Skin 365 have the ability to look at your face and know what needs to be done—and see the end result in their mind’s eye before they even start your treatment—is a rare gift and the best asset. Request a consultation and we guarantee it will be worth your time (310)316-3365

Skin 365 located near Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach in the city of Torrance is the number one doctor-led cosmetic clinic in Los Angeles providing our clients with the best possible care in a safe, comfortable and impeccably clean environment consistently delivery results that surpass your expectations.

You deserve to look and feel your best everyday.