Meet the Expert: Elizabeth Sommers RN

Meet the Expert: Elizabeth Sommers RN and Skin 365 Aesthetic Nurse
(photo of Elizabeth taken in New Mexico while visiting her family. The temperature was 4 degrees!)

An incredibly talented nurse has joined the Skin 365 team.  She’s Elizabeth Sommers RN, a registered nurse and expert in the field of aesthetic medicine. She was hand-picked from a group of highly qualified nurses and mid-level practitioners by Dr. James D. Wethe.  His decision was based on extensive skills proficiency testing on live models, a verbal quiz and a hand-written test.  Elizabeth whizzed through these skills with ease.  We’re very excited that she’s now part of the Skin 365 crew.

Dr. Wethe invests in the training and development of the staff so that Skin 365’s practitioners remain highly qualified and are considered some of the most highly trained in the industry. Skin 365 is honored to be ranked by Allergan as one of the Top 100 practices in the U.S.A.

October 23, 2015

Why and how did you get into the field of aesthetic medicine?

I have always found the skin to be completely fascinating.  I had problematic acne as a teenager and began to explore solutions that could help combat the acne.  The more I explored skin, skin conditions and products the more fascinated I became about healthy skin and cosmetic beauty products.  Now my passion is the artistic component of makeup and contouring.  In my teens I was designated by my friends as the “make-up artist” for school pictures.   In high school I attended Career Day and distinctly remember wanting to be a nurse, because I love helping people.  I worked in the hospital for five years, mostly focusing on surgical wounds, because once again I found the skin so fascinating!  Someone asked me if I had ever considered becoming an aesthetic nurse, and that set me on this amazing journey six years ago.  Being an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist has combined my love of helping people, beauty, skin, and my artistic abilities into one amazing career.

What is your favorite skin care product and why?

Topical Vitamins – I think it’s crucial to get vitamins into the skin.  We need to provide vitamins topically to promote new healthier cells.  Environ Skincare, available at Skin 365,  is the product of choice because unlike other lines you are combining multiple steps into one easy application twice a day.  When we have happy cells we have happy healthy looking skin.

Have you experienced personal, career or client transformation? If so – please share.

A few years ago a client expressed how very unhappy she was with her appearance.  Together we created a care plan for her skin.  We agreed to take baby steps and begin with a half dose Botox between her brows and around her eyes.   Two weeks later she returned for a follow up appointment.  She was very happy with the results of her Botox and began to trust the process.  We added a small amount of dermal filler to her cheeks and lips.  Her goal was to be very natural, and still look like herself.  I was very conservative and studied her photos on each visit.  She seemed a little happier each time I saw her.  She mentioned she was feeling better about her appearance and she started consistently working out at the gym and embracing other activities she had given up on a long time ago.  She looked absolutely amazing and very natural.  What makes me smile even more was watching her personal transformation and  how much happier she became with embracing life.

How do you embrace the Skin 365 core values?

Skin 365 is dedicated to providing our clients with quality in everything we do.  We strive for safety, injectable expertise, patient education and superior outcomes.

Skin 365 is a dream place to work as a clinician.  I hold in high regard the time and care that is taken with each patient.  The staff is very welcoming here, right from the minute you walk in the office.  The paperwork is very detail oriented.  We care about your medical history and how that might effect your treatment.  As a new patient you will always speak to a doctor before being treated and have the chance to ask any questions.  As I nurse I’m able to perform a full assessment with each client, one on one, and discover the reason you came to Skin 365 and create a care plan.  Each person is individual and we can discuss long term treatments, or do a quick fix for an upcoming event.  Having more time with my clients allows time to educate the client about all of the different options available and what to expect after your treatment.  I never feel rushed with clients, and I know that leads to the safest treatments.  This is a dream job that allows me to give clients my best, so you can look and feel your best!!

What is your favorite quote?

“Love of beauty is taste.  The creation of beauty is art.”  Ralph Emerson

If you weren’t at work, what would you be doing?

Most likely you could find me roller-skating along the coast in Redondo Beach, or one of my favorite roller rinks in southern California.  I also really love deep sea fishing, biking, snow-boarding, hiking, and acrylic painting.  I also enjoy exploring all the neat little places around here to eat and be entertained.

What advice do you have for women who fear getting older?

Start wearing your medical grade sunscreen!  Then come to Skin 365 and make a care plan with me.  We can do some preventative Botox, start some amazing skin care products, discuss laser skin toning, chemical peels, micro-needling, and filler options.  We all age, but we have some pretty awesome treatments to slow the process down.

We’re having lots of positive vibes just from reading your story Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing.  Welcome to the team Elizabeth, we’re lucky to have you.