302™ Face & Body Bar

302™ Face & Body Bar

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Formulated around a unique avocado extract, this long lasting, ultra mild, skin-softening, cleansing bar is complete treatment product all by itself.


  • Excellent for any skin type or condition
  • The starting point for 302 technology
  • Outstanding for back bar use
  • Effective against acne prone skin and very dry skin
  • Mild enough for rosacea cases
  • Helps inhibit cross-linking: softens, smoothes skin
  • Recommended use is once per day
  • Safe for use with week acids and retinoids
  • Safe for skin under severe stress or with clinical indications
  • Safe for infants
  • Excellent for combating diaper rash and cradle cap
  • Safe for pregnant or lactating women
  • Long Lasting
  • Acid free, vitamin free, fragrance free, paraben free

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