Reasons to Think of Your Skin at the Bar

The work week can get a little hectic. We all have been there and could use a good drink on a Friday night, but what is alcohol doing to our skin?

Many of us have been to a bar and maybe have had one too many drinks as we celebrate the blissful freedom of the weekend. However, after those festivities end, it’s almost inevitable to wake up with tired and sallow-looking skin.

Well here is why. It probably comes to no surprise that alcohol doesn’t come with many benefits, with the exception of helping you forget those dull work meetings. In fact, alcohol is a hepatotoxin which is a toxic chemical substance that inhibits the cells in your body to detox. This leaves your skin looking dull and fatigued the next day.

First and foremost, alcohol dehydrates your body and skin. Breaking the seal is no joke and multiple trips to the bathroom are inevitable. On top of that, you’re also suppressing the hormonal release of vasopressin which helps your body reabsorb water. So while you are dehydrating yourself, your body is also having a more difficult time rehydrating.

Another process that is occurring simultaneously is the decrease of Vitamin A. This vitamin is a vital powerful antioxidant that aids cell rejuvenation and turnover. Without this, we would lack that healthy glow.

Many of us wake up with a puffy face the next day and have a slight resemblance to a blowfish (I know I do), this is because alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate and can lead to inflammation in the skin. But alcohol is not the sole culprit here. Those cocktails sure do have a lot of sugar and salt which can also be responsible for that unwanted bloating in the face.

Now I know this was kind of a downer for happy hour, but it doesn’t have to be. This is just a reminder that it is imperative to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And don’t forget to hydrate. Help your skin replenish itself by eating well, taking in lots of water, and it shall forgive you.