Sculptra Aesthetics Injections

Ok lets talk about Sculptra. How do you know when you need it? First, go look in the mirror. Are your temples hollowing? Is there a split/groove through the middle of your cheek? Do you have jowls or is gravity falling to your chin? Are your nasal labial folds (laugh lines) deep? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s time to begin Sculptra injections.

Recommended Dose: 2-6 vials over a period of four to six months. Please call for a consultation.

Our most conservative clients have been extremely pleased with the result of “lift” provided by Sculptra. It’s subtle, it is placed in areas on the lateral face where other fillers simply can’t be placed, and it’s long lasting (2 years).

Having an expert Sculptra Injector providing this treatment guarantees a level of satisfaction that can’t be provided by newly trained practitioners. Skin 365 has Diamond level with Galderma, the makers of Sculptra, which means “we inject A LOT of Sculptra.”