Sculptra – Stimulate Collagen Growth

Treatment : Sculptra® provides a gradual increase in skin thickness by stimulating the growth of collagen.  The collagen grown will last up to 2 years and possibly more.

Outcome : Following injection, one can see the fullness caused by the Sculptra solution. This will disappear within hours as the water is absorbed by the body. The Sculptra micro particles will remain and begin to stimulate collagen growth.

Follow the 5/5/5 Post Procedure Instructions: Massage the area injected every 5 hours for 5 minutes for 5 days straight.
The first effects of Sculptra™ injections will be noticeable about 1 month following injection, and collagen growth will continue for about 4-6 months.  The volume achieved with Sculptra™ will last about 2-3 years.  Most patients require 2-5 injection sessions, 4-6 weeks apart to achieve optimum results.

Best For: Sagging jawline, deflated cheeks, sunken temples, and plumbing collagen back into the face and erasing textural wrinkles and creases.

Often times our patients will ask “Exactly how many vials of Sculptra will I need?” The best answer we can give is “the number of Sculptra vials you will need is equal to the decade you are in. So, if you are forty you may need four vials, fifties – five vials, sixties – six vials.  Then add or subtract one and that’s your answer.  As you can see it’s not an easy question to answer.  During your consultation we will take a baseline photo.  Should you decide to begin the process of Sculptra we suggest starting with one vial.  We want to make sure your body likes Sculptra, you like Sculptra and also this allows us to see how quickly you grow collagen.  When you return for a follow up visit 6 weeks after the first vial was injected we will take another photo and compare it to your baseline picture.  If you responded quickly to Sculptra we may only inject one more vial.  If you did not respond quickly to the single vial of Sculptra then we will injected 2 vials of Sculptra.  We will continue to see you every six weeks until we notice a significant lift and re-volumizing of collagen in the areas that have been injected.

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