Micro-needling also known as Collagen Induction Therapy is often referred to as an alternative treatment to Botox® Cosmetic or Dysport®. In fact, they can be used effectively in conjunction with each other, but generally speaking, micro-needling treats many skin imperfections including, but not limited to: lines, wrinkles, large pores, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation and more. It can increase natural (Type 2) Collagen by up to 1,000%.

Botox® Cosmetic is a great quick and effective fix, but only lasts around 3-4 months. Collagen induction of Collagen Type 2 from micro-needling literally replaces your skin with stronger, tighter and firmer skin. It is a new, exciting treatment and if you want something that looks completely natural – which really delays the natural aging process, then this is brilliant.

During your consultation the Skin365® practitioner will discuss the best treatment for your based on your desires, skin type, and several other factors. We offer two types of Micro-needling treatments at Skin365®

  • Rapid Micro-needling is a series of six treatments performed one week apart
  • Micro-needing is a series of six treatments performed once per month

Micro-needling is a progressive procedure that can introduce much needed collagen and elastin to your skin in order to lift, firm, and diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and even hyper-pigmentation. The concept of micro-needling is based on the skins ability to repair itself whenever it encounters physical injury. Immediately after an injury occurs our skin dissolves old damaged tissue and replaces it with new.
When our RN or PA-C glides the MicroPen® over your skin, it creates tiny columns of injury in the skin. This is perceived by the body as damage, which stimulates the release of growth factors that trigger the production of collagen and elastin. Your skin reacts to any injury by initiating the healing process. You encourage your skin to continue healing through this micro-needling process.
Using a derma-roller at home allows 80% more penetration of topical skin care products. In-office medical micro-needling, performed by an RN, PA-C or MD, stimulates the growth of collagen.
The skin is routinely prepared by using topical vitamin A, C and E plus antioxidants for at least 3 weeks, but preferably for 3 months if the skin is very sun damaged. If the surface of your skin is thickened and rough, a series of mild in-office peels will get the surface of the skin prepared for needling and maximize the result.
In all cases it is absolutely essential to be on Environ vitamin A prior to the procedure. At Skin365® we carry the full Environ skin care products line and will start you on the right products pre and post procedure for enhanced healing. For acne scars this technique gives the best results without destroying the skin surface.
For optimal results a series of 6 micro-needling treatments are recommended. More than one treatment may be required, but the advantage is that the skin gets smoother and smoother with each treatment.
Naturally inducing the growth of collagen is beneficial for everyone.
For acne scars this technique gives the best results without destroying the skin surface.
Etching is a term many people are familiar with when describing wrinkles or lines on the face that do not disappear with the use of a neurotoxin such as Botox® Cosmetic Cosmetic or Dysport®. Botox® Cosmetic will relax the furrow between your eyebrows from contracting but in some cases the 11’s, or etched lines, in the furrow will still be present. In office, micro-needling is the perfect fix to assist with diminishing and sometimes erasing those etched lines completely.
  1. Patients who have not pretreated their skin with vitamin A.
  2. Presence of skin cancers, warts, solar keratosis, or any skin infection. The needles may disseminate abnormal cells by implantation.
  3. Active acne or herpes simplex virus “cold sore” present on the area treated
  4. Patients on any anticoagulant therapy like warfarin, heparin, and other oral anticoagulants.
  5. Many patients take aspirin daily for medical or health reasons. The aspirin should be stopped at least 3 days before the procedure.
  6. Allergy to topical anesthetic agents
  7. Patients on chemotherapy, high doses of corticosteroids, or radiotherapy.
  8. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.
  9. Patients with an extremely rare but severe form of keloid scarring in which virtually every pinprick becomes a keloid.
Your skin will be very rosy or red the day of the treatment. Immediately after the micro-needling treatment your Skin365® practitioner will apply Environ peptides that could possibly ensure even better results of skin tightening.
At home, you should stand under a shower for a long time, allowing the water to soak into the surface of the skin. Use only tepid water because your skin will be more sensitive to heat. While the water is running over your face, neck or chest, you should gently massage the treated skin until all serum, blood, or oil is removed. The importance of a thorough but gentle washing of the skin, a few hours after the procedure, cannot be stressed enough. The skin will feel tight and you will continue to reapply Environ A, C & E oil to the surface of the skin.
Typically, the skin will be red and swollen for one or two days after treatment with a light abrasion and swelling over the area treated. Most patients can return to work within 12-48 hours after, depending on the intensity of the treatment. In comparison to laser resurfacing and chemical peels, recovery time is minimal, which makes micro-needling a more desirable alternative. Makeup (preferably mineral makeup) is not recommended to be not worn until day 2 or 3, once the epidermis (top layer of skin) is repaired. Please also note that exposure to the sun should be minimal during this period. Swimming (in either salt water or chlorinated swimming pools/Ocean/Rivers) should be avoided for a week after the procedure as the risk of foreign bacteria entering the skin would be high.
For the best results, it is important to use the Environ aftercare and skin care products recommended by Skin365® for a minimum of two weeks after each treatment.
It usually takes at least 90 days to work its magic, although improvements in the skin are seen immediately after the procedure. The punctured skin stimulates a natural (Type 2) collagen, which is stronger than ‘normal’ collagen by up to 1,000 percent! Collagen is generally referred to as ‘The glue that holds us together’ and the new collagen and elastin production will continue to build for up to a year after the treatment. “Type 2 collagen is not broken down easily and lasts around 7-8 years!” according to Dr. Des Fernandes the founder of Environ and Micro-needling.
There is no maintenance required – unlike many other alternative procedures, but clients tend repeat a follow-up micro-needling treatment every three months. Also, maintaining your Environ “vitamin” serum routine morning and night is of utmost importance to maintain the best functionality of your skin. Scheduling an Environ Vitamize Skin Care Treatment every 30-45 days is recommended as well.

Fine Lines & Lip Wrinkles –
Rapid Collagen Stimulation

Treatment: DermaPen induces new collagen and elastin for plumping and thickening. Cleansed, prepped, micro-needling, application of hyaluronic acid serum for hydration and Advanced Vitamin Skin therapy gel plus mask for calming the skin.

Outcome: Fine lines and wrinkles including upper lip wrinkles are reduced. 1-3 days of inflammation, redness and pinpoint bleeding can occur.

Best For: Wrinkles, fine lines and scarring.

Six treatments in six weeks.

Plump Skin, Wrinkle Filler –
Medical MicroNeedling

Treatment: Skin needling induces new collagen and elastin for plumping and tightening. Cleansed, prepped, micro-needling, application of hyaluronic acid serum for hyration and Advanced Vitamin Skin therapy gel plus mask for calming the skin.

Outcome: 3+ days of inflammation, redness and pinpoint bleeding can occur.

Best For: Wrinkles, acne scarring and stretch marks.