The Skin Treatment of the Year Award 2015

The ‘Skin Treatment of the Year Award 2015’ goes to Micro Needling also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

Micro Needling is performed by a MicroPen device that has tiny little tips of needles on the end of the sterile device.   After your skin has been numbed with a topical cream and cleansed throughly the MicroPen is moved with precision over the surface of the skin on your face, neck and/or chest.  As the pen glides over your skin, with the help of hyaluronic acid on the surface, it induces microscopic columns of injury to the skin.  The skin believes it has been injured and immediately responds to treatment by stimulating the growth of collagen to heal itself.  This is a brilliant treatment that smooths away acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles and increases the tone of your skin.  With your first three treatments you will quickly see why Micro Needling has won the ‘Skin Treatment of the Year Award’.

We recommend a series of six treatments, one per month.  If you are lucky enough to have tough skin, ‘Rapid Needling’ may be suggested if you are looking for quick results: 6 treatments in 6 weeks provides exponential growth of collagen in a short period of time.  At some point in your series of collagen induction therapy we will discuss adding high levels of peptids over the surface of the skin after needling to tighten your skin or painting a cool cream peel over the surface to step up skin tightening results.

To clarify, Micro Needling in-office, is not the same as ‘derma rolling’ with a dermal roller at home.  The dermal roller for home use does not create columns of injury that stimulates collagen to grow but instead creates pathways into the upper most level of your skin to allow eighty percent more penetration of topical skin care products.

We have some really impressive before and after photos that our Skin 365 clients have allowed us to share with you in the office.  Please ask your Skin 365 Skin Care Specialists next time about jump starting your collagen growth.